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Diego Coutinho

Designer, Illustrator and Animator

This “about thing” is so ignored that I should nickname it Terms And Conditions.

But here I go. My career started in 2012, after finishing my design degree at UNESP – in Brazil (Yep, I’m a Brazilian, from the land of the Carnaval party and soccer) – when I was offered a position at Lobo (oh yeah!). There, like a little flower, I blossomed being part of projects and campaigns for all kinds of clients, in roles that ran from designer to creative director. As an art director at Lobo I was fortunate enough to co-lead, design and animate on projects that garnered several awards that you can check in my LinkedIn. In 2015 I started freelancing, and I have been in this position since then.

Right now I’m a freelancer based in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for a passionate and hard-working artist, I could be your guy!