A mix of motion graphics and Japanese animations.

“Evolution” is an experimental animation that gets its inspiration from the “theory of evolution”. However, it does not aim to make the viewer understand the narrative in an objective way, but rather see it in a subjective way, allowing the spectator to enjoy a fantastic journey, together with an interesting blend of techniques in animation.

We can see life beginning to manifest itself in its most abstract state, which is represented as pure colors at the beginning of the film, all the way up to its apex, with creatures finally living in an ecosystem. Everything happens in an accelerated and almost aggressive rhythm. For visual and animation aesthetics, inspirations were found from a mix of Japanese animations with animation techniques used in motion graphics. Norman McLaren, a great animator and director from the 80s, was the biggest inspiration in the way the animation and the music is synchronized.

It is interesting to note that the title of the project “Evolution” not only refers to the animation, but to the process of technical evolution of the piece’s authors. Both artists submitted themselves to the process of learning something new for this project.

“We often need to prove to others that we’re capable of doing something, but in this case, I needed to prove it to myself. – Diego Coutinho

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