STATE DESIGN’s grandest challenge was figuring out how to breathe life into the amazing illustrations within the abbreviated time allotted. Another challenge was determining how to seamlessly weave our art direction into that of Strain’s illustration style.
We labored for days figuring out all of the transitions and how we wanted to combine footage, illustration, graphics and cel animation all together. Strategizing was key in making a project work like this work and work well. We created all of our mattes and brushes the old fashioned way — by hand in our studio. Also, We had to match the 3D look to the Illustration aesthetic and apply that to the crowd generation to fill up the stadiums.

Being a two minute spot, we poured over every single shot carefully, ensuring the viewer would always be engaged. In the world of Insta-Vine, everyones attention span is no longer than 6 seconds. We had to keep it rolling!”